How I got involved in Balanceability

I am a qualified National Standards Instructor and deliver Bikeability training direct to primary aged children in schools across Leicestershire. This is extremely rewarding, equipping children with road safety awareness, confidence and development. In delivering this training, I have witnessed that some children have been denied the opportunity to participate, as they cannot ride a bike. Whilst I’m aware that everyone can learn to ride a bike at any age, it is evident that the earlier you do this, the easier it is. Additionally, the Balanceability programme demonstrates that this can be done efficiently and effectively. It encourages balance and step by step foundation stages, that when equipped with these main skills can lead to a journey of cycling for life.


Balanceability is the fundamental starting point for children's cycling and excellent opportunity to promote active lifestyles at the earliest possible age. I can see it also provides a natural lead into Bikeability for Schools and I would encourage all schools to give children the opportunity to use Balance Bikes  

Chris Boardman, MBE, Olympic Champion and World Record holder.


How I Support Minibikers

Kelly is a qualified Balanceability Instructor and brings experience of supporting children of varying ages, in educational establishments. This includes supporting children in a large group setting and on a one to one basis, where Special Educational Needs have been identified and learning support is adapted to meet the needs of that individual.