How we teach

All our lessons are conducted in a safe environment, allowing for freedom of travel and movement, under guidance and instruction. All lessons are structured in a group setting with an emphasis on fun and play. This allows children to;

  • Develop physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially
  • Perform fundamental movement patterns
  • Allows creativity
  • Develops and refines gross and fine motor skills and body awareness
  • Develop skills that enable children to feel confident, secure and self assured.

Children are assessed at regular points throughout the course in order to monitor and measure progress. We follow a reward system based on stickers and certification.

Mini Bikers – Information about Instructors

  • Balanaceability Instructors are fully qualified to deliver the training
  • All Instructors are DBS checked
  • All Instructors are qualified in first aid
  • All Instructors are fully insured


Balanceability is the fundamental starting point for children's cycling and excellent opportunity to promote active lifestyles at the earliest possible age. I can see it also provides a natural lead into Bikeability for Schools and I would encourage all schools to give children the opportunity to use Balance Bikes  

Chris Boardman, MBE, Olympic Champion and World Record holder.