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Minibikers award-winning national learn to cycle training programme. Teaching children from 18 months to 10 years how to ride a bike through balance and pedal bike training.

We offer:

  • Learn to Cycle Courses
  • Bikeability Courses
  • 1:1 Cycling Lessons
  • Road Safety Education
  • School Training Programmes

What is Balanceability?

Balanceability is the UK's first afPE approved and accredited 'learn to cycle' programme for children.

Cycle Store

A wide range of lightweight children’s balance & pedal bikes featuring Frog, Cuda, Forme Bikes and accessories.


Our bespoke courses for children are made up of 3 levels, each training programme runs over a period of 5 weeks.

Birthday Parties

Minibikers offer a fantastic, fun Freestyle Bike Track children’s party experience! Balance / Pedal bike options are available.


We guide children through their cycling journey following a structured programme with fun interactive activities.

Freestyle Bike Track

Enabling riders of all ages to explore the challenging but exciting track. Incorporating ramps, bridges, rollers, seesaw and limbo.
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About Mini Bikers

Minibikers Learn to Cycle Programme was born in 2015. In delivering Bikeability training direct to primary schools, I witnessed many children unable to participate as they didn’t know how to ride a bike, I felt a great need to improve this. Whilst aware that you can learn to ride a bike at any age, it is evident that the earlier you do this the easier it is.

Additionally, the full benefits that cycling can bring to children in their childhood alone and more so at a time when technology has advanced and activity levels decreasing pushed the Minibikers Learn to Cycle idea further. Here the vision was clear, to introduce cycling to children as early as possible! #LetTheJourneyBegin

Our Weekly Classes

Our bespoke Balanceability courses are made up of 3 levels, each training programme runs over a period of 5 weeks. We are extremely proud to have introduced the very first unique training programme specifically aimed at children from as young as 18 months old. Our vision is to introduce the cycling experience to children as early as possible and our successful programme is equipped to teach children right up to the age of 10 years.

Minibikers Toddler Balanceability

18 months to 4 years

Minibikers Level One Balanceability (Balance Bikes)

3 -10 years
Minibikers Level Two (Pedal bikes)

Minibikers Level Two (Pedal bikes)

3 -10 years

Give your little one’s a love for cycling.

Start them Early! Searching for the perfect first bike? Minibikers promote balance bikes as a great introduction to cycling. Balance…

Cycle a mile and it will guarantee a smile!

Home schooling and working from home is a challenge right, how about breaking it up and getting out and about...

2021 Minibikers Learn to Cycle Classes

We cannot wait to get back to classes and do what we absolutely love! We have missed the smiles, acts...

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Freestyle Bike Track
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Amazing courses if I could give more stars I would. We had a little boy who was physically terrified of a bike and now we have a happy rider! Never thought we’d see the day! Can’t thank or recommend Yas enough for his teaching and guidance!
My son had his 3rd lesson tonight and he loves it. He had his own balance bike for a year and went on maybe 5x, he had very little confidence on it and would do a couple of steps and get off....since these lessons he wants to go on his own all the time and he has improved so much!! Would definitely recommend to anyone. Thanks Mini Bikers.
So impressed that now my 3.5 year old can ride a bike! Thank u terry for teaching her! Would recommend the course to anyone, my little girl loving riding her bike at the park
A fun and effective way to learn to ride a bike. I strongly recommend this set of courses for reluctant/scared cyclists. I was really impressed with how all the children progressed and gained in confidence. Excellent value for money.
Minibiker at Stoplight

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