Cycle a mile and it will guarantee a smile!

Home schooling and working from home is a challenge right, how about breaking it up and getting out and about on the bike?

We can guarantee it will provide a fantastic outlet for children as well as parents.

Being outdoors in the fresh air provides a great feel good factor. Yes, it can be cold during the winter months but as the saying goes, ‘there is no bad weather just the wrong set of clothing’.

The outdoors provides an ideal opportunity to explore the sensory factors. Riding on different terrain, being in different weather conditions, exploring different smells and taking in the environment and people. The outdoors is inviting and enticing for little ones to explore.

Muddy cycle course

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Make the ride exciting and stretch little one’s imaginations – you can be anywhere you want to be, children are great at exploring and being creative, go with their ideas.

Cycling provides physical as well as mental well being benefits, children are likely to be more relaxed after intense exercise and in turn this will provide better concentration levels and aid sleep.

Cycling is a great way to build up a great appetite and children burn off their energy quickly so they are more likely to tuck in at meal times.

You can support children riding or join in as a family, either way it will get your heart rate pumping and provide an opportunity to take in your environment and enjoy the moment, especially during these uncertain times.

Don’t sit waiting for the sunshine as it’s January, get outdoors wrap up and get on ya bike!

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Wintery cycle fun