Pandemic Pedal Push!

Big Hello from Minibikers!

Out of a negative situation there is always a positive and Minibikers are delighted to witness the Pandemic Pedal Push! The air is cleaner, the roads are that bit quieter and families have the freedom to explore on bikes.

On your bike!

We’re certainly not at the stage where some of our European counterparts are at when it comes to cycling but I, like many others have witnessed a great increase in the number of cyclists enjoying the outdoors and families riding together.

If there was ever a good time to get on your bike, it’s now!

At Minibikers our aim is to introduce cycling to children as early as possible and this is why:

Health benefits – physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s a fantastic mode of transport and you can choose to travel as little or as far as you wish and opportunities and adventures are open.

Family time can be enjoyed together on bikes or a bike can give you time out alone to roll down that hill with the breeze in your face and feel a sense of freedom.

Lockdown Adventure

With the Parks closed and schools out having bikes available for my family and I has been our saviour during this period. Each day my 2 year old has completed well over a mile on his bike and returned worn out and relaxed. I have had many families get in touch that had completed the Minibikers Learn to Cycle Programme and have said they are so pleased that their children have the skills to ride independently and are out on the bikes daily.

There are so many things to see each day when cycling, little ones obviously can’t go too far but their imagination can take them as far as they wish… you can be looking for cats one minute to being a super hero saving the day the next, there are no great rules!

The most important rules of course is wearing a helmet for safety and practising social distance. At Minibikers Cycles we promote the Kiddimoto  cycling helmets that are built for children in mind. They are comfortable, safe and have a range of fun designs. Also available are cycling gloves that help ease pressure on those little hands.


Kiddomoto Accessories

The bike has become the socially distant companion allowing the opportunity to determine and negotiate that bit of space in the new world of ‘social norms’.

It’s great to witness the infrastructure changes in place with local authorities. Pop-up bike lanes with protected space for cycling, wider pavements, safer junctions and cycle and bus only corridors announced. It will be great to see how these plans evolve.

For now summer is almost here and you’ll be practising social distance through out it so at Minibikers we would suggest you take this opportunity to get on your bike and move in the right direction.

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