Mini Bikers Balanceability courses require that parents/guardians are present at all times.

Please ensure that your child has suitable footwear and clothing for cycling.

It is compulsory for all children to have a fitted cycling helmet to participate in the course and these will be provided.

When children are asked to bring in their own pedal bikes for the Level two course, it is the responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure that their pedal bike is of suitable size and safe to use.

Place will be secured via full payment only.

If you cancel two weeks before the course date, payment will be refunded.
If it’s not within this time limit, there will be no refund. However, an alternative start date can be arranged.

If we have to cancel a session/session, only an alternative venue and dates will be offered to compensate. No refund will be given.

Photographs will be taken during the sessions, these images will be used in our social media platform and website. If you wish to opt out, please let us know by email (info@minibikers.co.uk) before the course commences. Unless we have this in writing, we have the right to use the images for our social media campaigns. Under no circumstance images will be shared with third party companies.

You provide full permission for the Instructor to make minor adjustments to your child’s bike during the training sessions, to assist with their comfort when riding. We accept no liability from using our bikes (bikes and equipment are regularly inspected and serviced by a qualified cycle mechanic) or children using their own pedal bikes.

If you have any general questions about the Site or the Term and Conditions, you can contact us at info@minibikers.co.uk.