Give your little one’s a love for cycling.

Start them Early!

Searching for the perfect first bike? Minibikers promote balance bikes as a great introduction to cycling. Balance skills are developed and established without the use of stabilisers.

Frog bikes  



What age should I start my child on a balance bike?

All children develop at different stages but it is possible to start children on a balance bike as young as 12 months.



Why we love and promote balance bikes?

Balance bikes assist greatly in developing fine and gross motor skills.

Balance, speed and gliding skills are developed using a balance bike.

Balance bikes provide independence and confidence skills.

Balance bikes with brakes are excellent in providing that extra skill required when transitioning to a pedal bike.





Cuda Race 14"
Cuda Race 14″
Forme Cubley 14"
Forme Cubley 14″

The Pedal Bikes we love and Why?

Minibikers have several years of experience teaching children to ride and in doing so have tried and tested many bikes and taught over thousands of children to learn to ride. We are aware that lightweight bikes make the experience so much easier as children are not having to work harder to push a heavy frame. Lightweight bikes assist with speed and longevity allowing children to travel much more comfortably and to cycle much further.

The bikes we utilise in our “Learn to Cycle” courses and sell are all lightweight aluminium frames. All bikes have easy to reach brakes, with adjustable levers for small hands. Control is extremely important and without easy to reach brakes in place confidence, independence and skill will be limited.

Frog 40, 14" kids pedal bikes.
Frog 40, 14″