Balance Bikes

Kelly, Minibikers Instructor

Lightweight Frog Balance Bikes

Minibikers use lightweight aluminium balance bikes, teaching children from 18 months to 10 years. Our overall aim within the Minibikers Learn to Cycle Programme is to introduce cycling to children as early as possible and a balance bike is a great introduction to start off their cycling journey.

As a mother and experience of teaching children through the Minibikers Learn to Cycle Programme over the last 5 years, I cannot promote the key gross and fine motor skills that children gain from using a balance bike highly enough. Balance bikes assist in promoting coordination, strength, balance and endurance. As children can easily and comfortably sit on the bike flat footed, this gives them great control and confidence.

Balance Bikes

It is important to use a lightweight balance bike as the child can pick the bike up themselves and having a brake assists in working on fine motor skills and development for the transition to a pedal bike.

12" tadpole Frog Balance Bike
Let the journey begin!

For our courses we identified that the most suitable bike was the Frog Lightweight Balance Bike and start children off on their cycling journey with fun interactive activities. I have used this bike for my own child from age 1 and he is 2 years old now and still absolutely loves his balance bike and it is used daily! He has had so many adventures on his bike in all weather conditions, using it at home, to the park, on holiday visiting new places. He has made amazing progress and can now independently ride a pedal bike at age 2 years but still has not given up using his balance bike.  A bike is viewed as a toy and of all the things I have purchased for him it has been the very best purchase, it has given him his first taste of independence and the ability to travel freely, exploring stretching his body and mind. The adventures and opportunities it has provided are endless!

If you would like to start your Minibiker off on their cycling journey Frog Balance Bikes Start from 10″ Frog Tadpole, 12″ Tadpole and 14″ Tadpole Plus.


Tadpole Mini 10"
Tadpole 10″
Tadpole 12"
Tadpole 12″
Tadpole Plus
Tadpole Plus 14″